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Tuition & Deposit

Tuition for our 2 day program for ages 2 – 6 is $516 a month for 12 equal months.

Tuition for our 3 day program for ages 2 – 6 is $774 a month for 12 equal months.

Tuition for our 5 day program for ages 2 – 9 is $1290 a month for 12 equal months.

Montessori Smile is closed for 2 weeks for their summer break in June /July and for 2 weeks over the December holiday season. Full tuition is required during these months. If you choose to pull your child from the program for these months Montessori Smile requires one month notice for termination and the spot will then be given to another child on the waitlist. 

Enrollment takes place annually in the month of August for the calendar year starting September. A new application form and fee will be required each school year. 

Montessori Smile requires tuition for the month on the 25th of the previous month or the sooner business day if the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday.  Montessori Smile will automatically withdrawal these funds from a debit account or charge a credit card. Credit cards will be subject to a 3% processing fee. NSF payments will be charged an extra $30 fee. Payment that is not made on or by the 1st of the month of tuition is subject to a late fee of $75. Tuition is required to be paid in full at all times. NSF and or late fees will be charged on the following scheduled payment date. 


For example; Tuition for the month of February will be automatically charged to a credit card or drawn from a chequing account on the 25th of January. If the 25th of January falls on a weekend or holiday it will be drawn on the soonest business day prior to the 25th.

A preauthorized agreement document will be emailed to you upon completion of the application. If you choose to pay with credit card please notify us by email and we will then call you to collect your credit card details over the phone. 

The ages 6 – 9 program begins September 2024 and runs till end of June. A minimum signup of students is required to ensure our 6 – 9 classroom proceeds. If the minimum signup is not achieved the $206 application fee will be refunded in full. Children enrolled in our 6 - 9 program are automatically enrolled in our summer program full time. 


We require 30 days notice for cancellation of a students spot which is nonrefundable. This applies to ages 2 – 6 all year round and ages 6 – 9 during the scheduled school year.

The first month of tuition is required before attendance.

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