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Ages 6 - 9

Lower Elementary

The Classroom

We are currently accepting students into our classroom for Ages 6 - 9.
School starts in September 2024.

Lower Elementary Schedule

How does a Montessori elementary program and schedule work?

In the morning, the children spend 3 hours of uninterrupted time working on their studies. The same things a child would learn in public school is learned in Montessori. The biggest difference is instead of a child learning about math and geography (etc) from a book at a desk, the child learns to engage all 5 senses with a physical material meant to teach a specific lesson. This is intentional to make if easier, faster and more enjoyable for the child to learn. They can work on whatever lesson plan they choose with whomever they choose to work with, gently guided by their teacher. This creates a sense of independence in their own education and children flourish as they are the masters of their day and as such are able to stay engaged. 


You will often find students working in groups of 2, 10 or alone. They can take breaks when they need them and have snacks at their leisure. Statistics show Montessori students have a faster learning pace then traditional public school students because of the environment that creates engagement. They are playing with a puzzle map of the world, creating interest and enjoyment. To the child, it is play, but they are learning. 

Why Montessori for Elementary Years

In a Montessori school, math long division concepts are presented as early as five years old. These concepts can be grasped from a young age with the help of Montessori materials like the long golden beads. To the child it's a curious toy that holds their focus. This is years earlier than public school, and is the path with all curriculum. Information can be introduced sooner to children with a softer, more engaged, playful learning approach that is meant for a Child's mind.  In Lower Elementary ages 6 - 9, Montessori creates an engaging environment that nurtures exceptional engagement from the child while they are learning. 

Our Experienced teacher Gehad has been teaching ages 6 - 9 for 7 years and has a specialized Montessori diploma for that age group. Coming most recently from an exclusive private school in Bali.  The children learn a more advanced curriculum then in traditional school and topics and lessons are introduced at earlier ages than traditional school. Montessori children are often ahead of their peers in a traditional public school (See study: Source Frontiers of Psychology). Lessons are taught in a more engaging environment to pull the child into learning. Most of their learning is self led, fostering a faster and independent work flow.

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