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Montessori Smile
A Montessori School - 
Ages 2 -9

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Brandon, MB

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“If we truly want to achieve equality and harmony among human beings, we must not neglect the time of life when the social, idealistic and linguistic differences which separate human groups do not yet exist.”
Marie Montessori

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Opening in Spring/Summer 2023

Montessori Smile is a Montessori School in Brandon, Manitoba. We are currently renovating our space. We are excited to show you what we have created. Stay tuned for exact opening dates. Follow us on facebook for updates.

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Benefits of a Montessori School

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Montessori is child-led care and education. They are encouraged to move freely and act independently. It differs from traditional daycare because Montessori teachers are devoted to developing well-educated, well-rounded, and highly successful individuals.

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A Montessori toy is one that stimulates learning by encouraging kids to experiment. It should be a toy that they can hold and touch, as learning to manipulate objects is key in helping children develop their fine motor skills. These toys can help to better prepare children for a lifetime of learning.

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The Montessori Curriculum offers children five key areas of study: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. Each area of study is made up of a set of educational materials that increase in complexity. Children progress through the Montessori Curriculum at their own pace based on their stage of development and interests.

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Through the holistic approach, Montessori students are nurtured to develop social skills and positive life habits by collaborating and working on activities as a group. The holistic approach also involves peer-to-peer mentorship, as older students are given the opportunity to mentor younger students, developing traits such as cooperation, altruism, and leadership.

Accepting Applications


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Tuition is $60 a day. We are currently accepting students into our 5 day program. Tuition is required on the 1st of the month for the following month for 12 calendar months.

Tuition Details

To hold a spot

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your request to hold a spot. 

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